Maria Is A Flat Leaver

Nellie got out of Grandma Hattie’s car and ran to Grandma Franceshouse. She and Maria have a play date. They are going ice skating at the community center rink.

Nellie rang the bell and Grandma Frances opened the door. “Hi Grandma Frances,” said Nellie. “Grandma Hattie is going to drive Maria and me to the ice rink for a play date.”

Grandma Frances looked concerned and said, “Nellie, Maria isn't here. Maria left an hour ago with Wendy. They went to see a movie at theCan Dotheater.”

Nellie got teary eyed. When she spoke it was in an angry voice.

She said, “Yesterday, Maria and I made plans to go ice skating today. She knew I was coming to pick her up today. How could she just go off and not even call me and cancel our play date? That's not fair. She’s a flat leaver!”

Nellie ran back to Grandma Hattie’s car; Grandma Frances followed her to the car. By the time Grandma Frances got to the car, Grandma Hattie knew all about it.

Grandma Frances told Nellie that she would have Maria call her and apologize. “No,” answered Nellie. “I don’t want her to call. What she did was wrong.

Maria is a flat leaver! She’s a kid who promises to do something with a friend. Then, if she gets a better offer, goes off with someone else and leaves the first friend flat.”

Grandma Frances had to agree. What Maria did was not something that friends do to each other. She decided to let the girls sort it out themselves.

On their way to the ice rink Grandma Hattie asked Nellie a question.“What are you going to do about Maria?” Nellie thought for a while.

When I see her in school on Monday I am going to tell her she hurt my feelings. I will tell her I don't want to make plans with her, I don’t trust a flat leaver!”