Kathy Fell Asleep In Class Again

Miss Pat noticed that Kathy had her head on the table and was sound asleep. Her table mates were trying not to giggle, but Kathy was snoring!

Miss Pat gently shook Kathy awake. Kathy woke with a start. “I was just resting my eyes,”said Kathy. Her classmates started laughing.

Arthur J said, “You were snoring, Kathy. You were asleep and you snored.” Kathy got mad and said, “Was not asleep; was not snoring!”

Her classmates yelled out, “Were too snoring!” Hector pretended to snore to show her how she sounded.

Kathy’s face got red. Her eyes got all watery. She was so embarrassed.

Miss Pat asked, “Kathy, why are you so tired?” Kathy answered, “The last time I fell asleep in class I didn’t eat breakfast. But this morning I had eggs and toast and juice and that is a good breakfast.”

Miss Pat asked, “What time did you go to bed last night?” Kathy answered, “I went to bed at my usual time, but it took me a long time to get to sleep.”

Orrie started waving his hand madly and saying, “I know, I know.” Miss Pat called on him saying, “What do you know, Orrie?”

I think I know why Kathy couldn’t fall asleep last night. I saw her take a can of soda up to bed with her. It was the kind of soda that has caffeine in it and lots of sugar.”

Miss Pat asked, “Is that true, Kathy?” Kathy nodded. Miss Pat said, “Sugary drinks, especially with caffeine, can make you jumpy. If you drink them before bed, well, they can keep you up for hours!”

What else shouldn’t we have before bed?” asked Miss Pat. Bobby said, “No eating candy.” Annie said, “Don’t take sugary cereals.”

Miss Pat smiled, “Got the idea Kathy? Ask your mom what you can have as a safe and healthy snack before bed.”