Why Do Grandmas Have Wrinkles?

Hector looked at Grandma Hattie and asked, "Why do grandmas have wrinkles?" Willie glared at Hector and said, “That’s not a nice question to ask, Hector.”

Hector got red in the face and answered, “I didn’t mean anything by it, Willie. It’s just that every grandma I know has wrinkles on her face.”

Grandma Hattie smiled and said, “It’s okay Willie. I don’t mind answering. Hector’s question is a fair question.”

Well,” said Grandma Hattie, “There is the answer that talks about our skin aging. But, I’d rather tell you my way of thinking about wrinkles.

Wrinkles are actually wisdom lines that appear in our faces as we grow older and get wiser and wiser.” Orrie asked, “What kind of wisdom makes lines?”

Grandma smiled saying, “There is the wisdom that comes from living. There’s the wisdom we get from hard work, and getting through tough times. We get wise from raising children, and loving family and friends.”

Orrie said, “My grandma has wrinkles too. She calls them her love lines, one wrinkle for everyone in her family. She says since she has such a big family, she has lots of wrinkles.”

Grandma Hattie chuckled and nodded in agreement. Hector looked thoughtful and said, “How come I don’t have any wrinkles?”

Everyone laughed and Grandma Hattie answered, “You are still very young. You are just learning about life. Your wrinkles will come when you get older.”

Everyone grew quiet. Then Willie asked, “Grandma, do you mind your wrinkles?” Grandma Hattie gave her big grandma grin and answered, “No, I don’t.

My wrinkles say that I am a wise woman, a woman that can help younger people, like you three, to live well, and that’s my gift to share.”